4045 aluminum sheet plate


4045 aluminum sheet plate is an aluminum alloy with silicon as the main alloying element. Most of its alloys are heat-treated non-strengthened aluminum alloys. Only alloys containing Cu, Mg and Ni, and welding heat-treated strengthened alloys can absorb certain elements. It can be strengthened by heat treatment. Due to the high silicon content, low melting point, good melt fluidity, easy feeding, and no brittleness of the final product, this series of alloys are mainly used to manufacture aluminum alloy welding additives, such as brazing plates, welding rods and Welding wire, etc. In addition, due to the good wear resistance and high temperature performance of some of this series of alloys, they are also used to make pistons and heat-resistant parts. The alloy containing about 5% of silicon is black-gray after anodizing and coloring, so it is suitable for building materials and manufacturing decorative parts.

4045 aluminum sheet

4045 aluminum sheet has excellent welding performance and casting performance, good wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, high specific strength, low expansion coefficient, etc., and is widely used as a brazing material in the automotive industry and aerospace industry. And household appliances. With the continuous expansion of the application range of Al-Si alloys, the requirements for the quality of its products are getting higher and higher. At present, adding modifiers is an important method to improve the structure and performance of Al-Si alloys.

The microstructure of the double-roll continuous casting 4045 aluminum sheet showed irregular rosette dendrites. After adding the modifier Sr, a large amount of pseudo-eutectic structure appeared on the surface of the strip near the roll, and α-Al dendrites in the central area of ​​the sheet Be spheroidized and evenly distributed. The eutectic silicon in the cast-rolled strip before the addition of Sr is mainly needle-like and lath-like, and the lamella spacing is large; the eutectic Al-Si structure in the cast-rolled strip with the addition of modifier Sr is refined, and the lamella The spacing is reduced, and there are fewer polygonal and slab-shaped nascent silicon. By comparing the mechanical properties of the cast-rolled strip with and without Sr, it is found that the addition of Sr

The tensile strength of the strip plate has been increased by 12. 5%, the elongation has been increased7. 2%, the average hardness increased by 13. 1%.